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On this page you can see our SaaS Cloud service provision with our partner Microsoft. Microsoft brings together all its SaaS solutions in its Dynamics and Office 365 packages, giving vital importance to security, and finding support through its Azure platform, for which Cortana provides the intelligence, in order to provide those features and services that the client cannot find or cannot easily configure in its own packages.
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Dynamics 365

Applications which work in a native manner on the network. Each application addresses an issue and delivers real value, in combination with the potential of the network which will transform your business.
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Dynamics 365 facilitates integration with the company’s
systems, delivering a complete solution, a common framework for an integrated business Cloud.
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everis cloud adoption journey

Office 365

It is a set of collaborative and productivity applications. It is the Office that you know, focused on working in a group, and available anytime, anywhere. Whether you are working on-line or without a connection, from a pc, tablet or telephone, Office 665 can adapt to your needs.
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Personal data security

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everis cloud adoption journey


In order to learn about the scope of our services, or be given answers to any doubts you may have, please get in touch with us.