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Control tower to cover the life cycle for Applications and their evolution, achieving a reduction in TTM for the delivery of the end product, a high degree of standardisation, improvements in software quality thanks to the automation of processes, and a common project management environment following a multi vendor model.
everis cloud. casos de éxito. Orange

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everis cloud adoption journey


To cover the needs associated with carrying out development on the defined Execution Architecture, an ALM model was deployed, based on Open Source tools with capacities to cover the Life cycle of newly-developed Applications, while at the same time covering the requirements associated with the maintenance and evolution of current applications.

everis cloud adoption journey


  • Open Source tools model, making the execution of development cost effective.
  • Standardization with respect to the selection of the set of tools.
  • Orientation of the technological model towards a DevOps focus for the proposed model.
  • Life cycle management for applications within a multi-technological environment.
  • Guarantee of coverage for all phases involved in the Life cycle of Applications.
everis cloud adoption journey


  • Reduction in TTM for the delivery of the end product.
  • Standardization with respect to the set of tools involved in the development stage.
  • Reduction in errors, and an improvement in delivery and Software quality thanks to process automation.
  • Common environment for project management oriented towards a multi-vendor model.
everis cloud adoption journey


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